We Stop time for you, so that you don’t have to leave any memory behind - RLP




(Up to 6 Hour coverage)

WHAT THIS INCLUDES: ceremony, your portraits ( its about the two of you , your bridal party, family and 2 hours of the reception. This is the right amount to capture the essence of your love with the people who you love.



faith (Up to 8 Hour Coverage)

WHAT THIS INCLUDES: getting ready photos , your portraits, (that’s you - bride and groom) bridal party, family, and then ceremony and 2-3 hours of the reception. Enjoying the intimate details in the morning and some dancing into the evening- is the perfect time for our beautiful couples to sum up their wedding day in photographs.



TRUST ( up to 10 hours)

WHAT THIS INCLUDES: Engagement Session- we love to be there from the very beginning to the end.

Wedding Day: Getting ready pictures, maybe a first look, your portraits, ceremony, bridal party and family at a location close by or at the venue and 3-4 hours of the reception. Your heart will keep beating through the night as we hold onto every joyful tear, the momma-bear hugs, the shoes coming off on the dance floor and the babies asleep on chairs…


Frequently asked questions

Q: How many photographers will be at my wedding?

A: We, (Randy & Ricardo) come as a package, so you get two photographers who will give you all the angles, the intimate moments and the precious moments you didn’t even know where happening.

Q: The package price is a bit more expensive than our original budget, can we pay in installments? 

A: Couples usually pay in two installments. The first installment is 30% to reserve your date. And remainder is paid 7 days prior to the wedding. It is true that weddings are expensive and in many cases it is about finding ways to save money. But you will not get this chance again and photography is the one aspect of your wedding (aside from your marriage itself) that will last forever! Do you know when your entire family will be gathered in one place again? In my opinion, photography is not one of the areas to be left up to chance, it really is an investment for future generations to look back on and enjoy.

Q: What if I choose an 8 hour collection but I want you to stay longer?

A: No worries, you can always add on an extra hour. Our hourly rate is located on the contract. 

Q: Do we meet before the wedding?

We usually meet to enjoy a cup of coffee ( or tea, I love tea) or lunch/dinner and get to know each other before your wedding. We also love to Skype or FaceTime with our couples before the wedding, in case the distance is rather great.

Q. How can I share my pictures with family and friends?

A: Good question. We like to make it easy for you. You’ll be provided with an online gallery with any of the packages above. With this gallery, you can share your pictures via a link. They can even order their one prints straight from the site. Your work is done:) Nice & Easy!