Only you can make me smile like this


Richie & Lena Pall. Lena you went from Lena Pohl to Lena Pall with one signature…

When I first met Richie in 2015- I had no idea that Ricardo and I would one day have the honor and privilege to photograph his wedding. Richie has such a captivating smile and I always thought “Wow, how does he do it- its so genuine and real”. I still don’t know his secret, but what I do know is - He LOVES LENA with all his heart and on their wedding day at City Hall or as they say in german ‘Rathaus’ , you felt his heart smile!!!

You may have heard this before- people say- ‘after some years couples start to look like each other’- guess what- Richie found his perfect match, cause when Lena smiles- it feels like she’s reaching out to hug you, her smile makes you feel special, it holds your attention and you instantly feel close to her.

You know the tingling feeling you get when you are so excited- everyone can tell you are anxious, happy, in expectation etc… Well- when lena and Richie arrived on their Bike at City Hall- excitement was written all over their faces. . The way they look at each other- gives you goosebumps - it makes you remember love , it makes you feel deeply, it reminds you of butterflies that fill the room ( not just your stomach ).

And have you every heard someone say- “Those are tears of Joy”? Well, at this wedding tears were overflowing from the heart- I love seeing family members feeling and not hiding their emotions! Tears don’t always mean sadness, but instead they are an expression of love!

Some people reading this might think, where was this wedding- It was held in a small town called Gruendau, Germany. After the ceremony was over, close friends and family joined for a brief celebration and some family pictures. And then we had them all to ourselves ( yes, I know sounds a bit selfish)- but its truly a treat being able to spend some quality time with them. They showed us some of their favorite spots in a small town called Gelnhausen, with included the place they their rings done. This town is one to explore, filled with hidden gems, great restaurants and incredibly friendly people. We started out with one of their favorite spots - It has a beautiful look out point ( to get to it- is a mini workout lol, going along steep road, stairs and moss covered walls ) IT WAS AWESOME!!! I think deep down I’d love to be a nature girl, but then reality kicks in hahha - I’m not! Anyways, enough about my wishful thinking… We took a few minutes to simply enjoy the scenery, we let them take in this moment- They were officially husband and wife… from now on they would truly be one flesh…

Lena & Richie- Thank you so much for allowing us to be there to capture your love, to see your hearts merge, to witness endurance and to see you so happy together! Thank you for constantly checking to see if we were okay or if we needed something - thats what friendship feels like and we couldn’t have felt more loved.