Yes, we did it!


Where do I even start? Each wedding and couple is so unique and it is always such a pleasure to look back and see- they are not just clients, but our friends. Ricardo and I smile every time we come home, because we've gained new friends. 

Through the process of planning their wedding Rosie and I would text frequently, we would bounce back ideas and thoughts we had and be there for comfort when needed. There is something special about bonding with your couples in a  way that goes beyond the contract- its about building a relationship- about sharing a special moment together and about creating lasting memories...

Jamal & Rosie- share something very special- they are emotionally connected in away that I haven't experienced. From the time they met it all started with showing kindness, being supportive and understanding the others needs before a word was spoken. 

They got ready at the County Inn & Suites and then made their way to the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses, where their first look had the crowd in tears- but especially the GROOM. Rosie kept smiling from ear to ear. They enjoyed a dignified Bible talk and followed their ceremony with family portraits and many greetings from friends and family. Instead of having a reception they kept it small and private and celebrated only with immediate Family & Friends at a friends home.  

I love that their wedding reflected their love, their simplicity, their joy and their quirky-ness. Looking at the details you'll be able to see how crafty Rosie is, she made the jewelry for the girls and pretty much designed her own dress and then a dear friend of hers made it!! Like whaaaa- YES you heard right- she designed her own dress and its pink!!! SUPER CUTE! She loves pink and what I love even more so is- how Jamal supported her all the way! The two of them are two peas in a pot, as they say.... now let me show you what I'm talking about.