New York City - Makes us feel free

AHHHH!!! they are here. All the way from Newmarket, Ontario Canada we had the pleasure of hanging out with this trendy couple. The best part about them was that she was so nervous about this shoot. She was confident we would get a good shot, but she was terrified of how she would look. Interestingly enough, all that faded once we met up. She was so relaxed and simply enjoying the tour of the DUMBO area that she didn't even realize that we were taking pictures. We even got to have a great shot in front of Jane's Carousel.

We love shooting in New York City and it makes it even better when we can just let go and enjoy the little moments together without trying to get the perfect pose, but instead- the right feeling!

Just before we start shooting we like to tell our couples to try and stick together, no matter what happens , they have to touch the whole time. Most of their reactions end up with laughter, or sentences like " hey you need to come closer"... its a fun way of staying connected and making them feel comfortable. It's like 'having each others backs' ;)