You're my Everything ...

A mothers love starts the day she finds out there is a little human growing inside of her… One of my friends said: “When I heard her heartbeat, it sounded like the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard.

When I think of Teya and Nazee, I can see a song playing between them- a song of love, a song of laughter, a song of hope… They make me smile every time I look at their pictures. I went to visit family and connected with Teya over Instagram and were able to spend some quality time. She’s raising her as a vegan beauty and with Mommy’s special cooking lessons, she will grow up to be just as beautiful, talented and loving as her mother.

Born and Raised in Zimbabwe Teya fills Nazee with wisdom, a positive outlook on life and a cherished relationship with her and her father. She will grow up to see how family works together, how love bonds people and how the little things in life bring happiness!