Cancer won't stop Love


Cancer, a word we don’t like hearing. But when I think of Cancer I think of Cancer-free Carrie who is full of life and her energy is infectious. I barely know where to begin- but I shall start with THANK YOU Carrie.

Some people get scared, when the word Cancer comes up, but not Carrie- She fought it, she lived through it and she found love while going through it. Bill and her Pink Sisters have been there no matter what !!!

On October 26th, 2018 they vowed in front of friends and family to hold onto each other, to love, through good and bad and to never let go! They chose to have their wedding at The Oyster Point Hotel, which delivered a perfect setting, stunning decor, amazing food and fantastic service. Their bridal sweet was literally SWEEET!!! Carrie and Bill really picked a great location to celebrate their wedding.

One of the things I appreciate about Carrie is that isn’t scared to show her feelings, that she loves whole heartedly and that she has dreams… One of them came true when she found her dream dress at Kleinfeld in New York City. She wanted it to be a surprise for everyone, so what did that mean for us? Well it meant maneuvering through back alleys and hidden paths to get to have her first look on the dock… You’ll see what I’m talking about in a minute… Well hello adventure and wow for the reveal.

Once the first look was done, the happy couples relaxed with some champagne, some food and family and then at 5:30pm it was time to say I DO! And when Bill and Carrie said ‘I DO’, it meant ladies and gentleman its time to PARTY. Now let me tell you a little something about BIll and Carrie - I asked them before the reception : DO you two like to dance? Their reply “ Well a little bit”. I believed them, but then it was time for dance floor and their “ a little bit” was not true lol. Nothing could stop them from getting off of that dance floor. They are AWESOME hahhah. I love their energy and approach to life!!

Just live NOW!!! When I see Bill and Carrie together I see them as having been married forever- they complement each other, they love the same things, they are adventurous together but most importantly they support one another!!!