Grant Us Love

East Coast Meets West Coast- When love sees no boundaries- you know it's true love. 

When Farah first contacted us- I could feel her sincerity  through her email. She was so sweet and genuine, I couldn't help but reach out to her right away. We set up a meeting via Facetime from California to New Jersey. We instantly clicked, we had so much in common. Akeem lived in New York and Farah lived in California- the two of them had been long distance and couldn't be more excited to finally live in the same place. 

These two are so calm, relaxed, simple and supportive of each other. Farah was truly beautiful inside out and she showed this by making the big move from the West Coast to the East coast. Akeem loved her even more for making the sacrifice of moving to the cooler weather, away from family to be with him. Each one in their own way have a very close relationship with their mothers, so it was so touching to see them embrace each others Mom after the ceremony.

 They had their ceremony at the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in New Rochelle and then celebrated with close friends and family at the Radisson Inn in New Rochelle, New York. When we got to take their portraits they just flowed right into every moment. She looked like a queen that had found her match. Finally they were united and would be able to share every day together....