There is a light that shines... and it's Yours!

I saw you grow. You held my hand. You gave me strength when. You are the one I love. The one I see from across the room… Those words mean so much and yet only a few of us ever hear them. Some like Tiya is a woman loved by her parents, her siblings and her husband.

When we first connected- it appeared it would be all so simple, a shoot, a shot, a dress - but it was more... It was a feeling, a motion, an experience!

I loved how she lit up as she got in position to get the right pose. She would have little smirk in the corner of her lips. When the fan blew her hair she turned into a stunning butterfly… ( ohhh how we like a little wind in our hair) It does something to our confidence level.

Have a look at this brilliant woman shining….