Tashonda- The make-up artist steps in front of the camera

Every day you wake up thinking about how you will make someone happy- today, how you will show them how beautiful they are... Today is YOUR DAY!

When we first met Tashonda she came as a make-up artist and she did everything right...Soon this relationship turned into a close friendship and we became closer. She would tell us about her incredible three girls and her amazingly supportive husband. Whenever we had a client coming, we would plan out shoots out, go over details and picture the final look together. 

Then we realized it was time for her own shoot- why - hide behind the many beautiful women- when you are one of them?! We got together- made a plan and started creating the perfect shoot for her. She had seen us work many times, but it was different being in front of the camera...

We didn't want her to be to worry or be nervous- because we already knew from the first day that we met her, that her kind, giving and loving personality would shine through in these images. She is absolutely beautiful and we are so happy that we had the honor of photographing her in this way.

Thank you Tashonda for trusting us!!!