Denisha- Mother, Friend and Incredible Woman

She's brilliant! I still remember the first time I met Denisha- She was bubbly, outgoing and extremely stylish. I could not believe my eyes and to add to that she has a handsome son- who clearly has a sense of style as well. 

One day she called me and said: " Randy, I think I'm ready!" I replied: " For what?" with a big smile on her face ( I could hear it) she said" MY SHOOT"...... ohhh how happy I was to hear that- she had been thinking about having a shoot with us but was a little nervous. After going over some more details - she felt confident and ready to go forward with her shoot ideas. This was so exciting!!!

I already pictured an incredible closet entering the studio with a beautiful woman ready to wear them and rock this shoot. And thats exactly what she did!!! I thought one of the most memorable parts about her shoot, was her vulnerability that she let us see when she had her pictures taken with her son Casen... Wouldn't you agree?! 

Lets have a look.