73 never looked so good!

73 Never looked so good! Yes you are reading this correctly! 

Mrs West looks amazing, is classy, elegant and has a great sense of music- Jazz!! This lady is absolutely phenomenal in many ways. You see - here is the thing- when you see someone beautiful- compliment them! Tell them what you see- because they might have never even thought of themselves in that way. 

You might wonder, why I am telling you this- Well thats exactly how we met Mrs West. At Wholefoods of all places hahha. She was at the register, ready to finish her shopping and leave, but I couldn't help myself- I just had to tell her that I thought she was beautiful and how much I loved her hair. She couldn't believe her ears. Shortly after we exchanged business cards and the rest is history. 

We scheduled a date to have her come into our studio and we had a fantastic time- she had so many experiences and was full of wisdom. It was a true pleasure to be around her!!!

Now its your turn to see if you were able to see what we saw that day in Wholefoods. :)