Wedding in Seligenstadt, Germany

Thursday June 22nd marked the day that Alex and Larissa publicly vowed to love each other for the rest of their lives. The morning started so relaxed... same routine as always- Breakfast with the family, everyone laughs and shares stories. A typical German Breakfast with family. Homemade Jam. Various cheeses. Coffee. Honey. Fruits and plenty of bread- BROETCHEN to be specific. Oh yes- simply amazing... I might be a bit bias but german bread is absolutely amazing! 

The day continued with a beautiful simple ceremony at the Rathaus ( City Hall) in Selingenstadt, Germany. There they had their vows, embraced hugs, celebrated with some refreshments an then we enjoyed a little time with Mr and Mrs Thiele....

The best part about Larissa and Alex is the love they share with their families and friends.As you will see- love has always been a big part of their lives in many ways....and the love between them is undeniable.