Love is more than a feeling-Its a lifestyle

There is something about the feeling called love...There is a reason why the heart longs to feel loved.

It's that very feeling that brings two people together, two people that will see the good and the bad, will laugh and cry together, will travel or just watch some Netflix…

Love will make you blind to others but wide-eyed to the one who has your heart.

When I look at Rudi and Kody I feel love, laughter, friendship and trust. They are not the type to have fallen in love at first site, but rather the ones that didn’t know how much they could love-until it was already deep routed.

There are times when I hear them laugh like little kids and other times where their maturity gives me chills. It is for that very reason that their relationship is so special- you can’t deny how strong it is and even if you wanted to- they will prove you wrong. As it has been said before they make the ‘impossible look possible’ and ‘the story of best friends falling in love-a reality’.

In September we took my sister and brother-in-law to NYC, there we walked the Highline, walked across the Brooklyn bridge, had a great time watching them as they got their drawing done, ate pizza at Grimaldi's and to top it off extremely great ice cream at Brooklyn's Ice cream factory! To sum it up: IT WAS AWESOME and I'm happy to see that my sister is still laugh with her best friend...