Love is more than a feeling-Its a lifestyle

There is something about the feeling called love...There is a reason why the heart longs to feel loved.

It's that very feeling that brings two people together, two people that will see the good and the bad, will laugh and cry together, will travel or just watch some Netflix…

Love will make you blind to others but wide-eyed to the one who has your heart.

When I look at Rudi and Kody I feel love, laughter, friendship and trust. They are not the type to have fallen in love at first site, but rather the ones that didn’t know how much they could love-until it was already deep routed.

There are times when I hear them laugh like little kids and other times where their maturity gives me chills. It is for that very reason that their relationship is so special- you can’t deny how strong it is and even if you wanted to- they will prove you wrong. As it has been said before they make the ‘impossible look possible’ and ‘the story of best friends falling in love-a reality’.

In September we took my sister and brother-in-law to NYC, there we walked the Highline, walked across the Brooklyn bridge, had a great time watching them as they got their drawing done, ate pizza at Grimaldi's and to top it off extremely great ice cream at Brooklyn's Ice cream factory! To sum it up: IT WAS AWESOME and I'm happy to see that my sister is still laugh with her best friend...

It's more than Business it's Personal

Headshots!!! Many people think that it has to be an old fashioned, straight on and serious picture of oneself, but who really looks like that on a daily basis?

Tell us how you want to be seen and we will make it happen. Let’s talk through it, try different looks and voila- YOUR PERSONAL HEADSHOT! Make your headshot one that shows personality as well as professionalism!

There is a light that shines... and it's Yours!

I saw you grow. You held my hand. You gave me strength when. You are the one I love. The one I see from across the room… Those words mean so much and yet only a few of us ever hear them. Some like Tiya is a woman loved by her parents, her siblings and her husband.

When we first connected- it appeared it would be all so simple, a shoot, a shot, a dress - but it was more... It was a feeling, a motion, an experience!

I loved how she lit up as she got in position to get the right pose. She would have little smirk in the corner of her lips. When the fan blew her hair she turned into a stunning butterfly… ( ohhh how we like a little wind in our hair) It does something to our confidence level.

Have a look at this brilliant woman shining….

73 never looked so good!

73 never looked so good!

73 Never looked so good! Yes you are reading this correctly! 

Mrs West looks amazing, is classy, elegant and has a great sense of music- Jazz!! This lady is absolutely phenomenal in many ways. You see - here is the thing- when you see someone beautiful- compliment them! Tell them what you see- because they might have never even thought of themselves in that way. 

Tashonda- The make-up artist steps in front of the camera

Tashonda- The make-up artist steps in front of the camera

Every day you wake up thinking about how you will make someone happy- today, how you will show them how beautiful they are... Today is YOUR DAY!

When we first met Tashonda she came as a make-up artist and she did everything right...Soon this relationship turned into a close friendship and we became closer. She would tell us about her incredible three girls and her amazingly supportive husband. Whenever we had a client coming, we would plan out shoots out, go over details and picture the final look together. 

Then we realized it was time for her own shoot- why - hide behind the many beautiful women- when you are one of them?!

Denisha- Mother, Friend and Incredible Woman

Denisha- Mother, Friend and Incredible Woman

She's brilliant! I still remember the first time I met Denisha- She was bubbly, outgoing and extremely stylish. I could not believe my eyes and to add to that she has a handsome son- who clearly has a sense of style as well. 

One day she called me and said: " Randy, I think I'm ready!" I replied: " For what?" with a big smile on her face ( I could hear it) she said" MY SHOOT".....