About US

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A quick story: Randy Lange Photography first made its debut in Canada. Still figuring out what kind of photography to love – I decided I wouldn’t limit my creativity to one and combined my love for fashion and photographing weddings.

In 2014, I married my best friend, partner in crime and newfound food lover. During our dating years we quickly noticed that photography would be something we would like to pursue and continue to explore together. We decided to move the business from Canada to New Jersey after I moved to Montclair. Together we shoot weddings and create images that will make your first day as husband and wife one you’ll never forget. Now we share in the joy of getting to know other couples and telling their story through our eyes.

The days that we don’t tell your love story – we embark on adventurous tours of food, wine and movies-  right now we can easily binge on Parenthood & Madam Secretary with the biggest bag of Skinny Pop.

We’d be honored to chat more about your wedding, please feel free to contact us for more information.